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ScholarHope Foundation

Restoring Hope To The Hopeless

Scholarhope foundation is non profit making organization. Whose vision is to restore hope to the hopeless.

We closely work with the people suffering from cancer and offer support interms of creating awareness, offering psycho social support and on nutrition.

We also have an Empowerment program for women where we basically help them have their self worth, literacy, education, health information, awareness and in all others that impact and influence lives.
Join the conversation, the discussions ,the activities and the fun.
#unstopable women
#yetu initiative

We also work with the vulnerable children in the street and we help them have hope for tomorrow and have their dignity back. We do rehabilitation and connect them to families or and other organisations.

Our Objective

The Foundation objective is to conducts its activities to achieve the following broad objectives.

1:Cultivating basic ethics and values with targeted groups on citizenship, rights and obligations Improving the target groups’ positive prospects, through training, skills development rehabilitation and mentorship.

2. Creating local and regional occupational opportunities, by linking the trained individuals directly to potential job markets Identifying and exploiting livelihood enhancement opportunities for vulnerable populations.

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Our Mission

Our major mission is to help communities adopt a positive approach to life in general through specific targeted program. You can work with this.

It is good for your well-being!

It is statistically proven that people who volunteer regularly are healthier both physically and mentally. Individuals who have volunteered throughout their lifetime typically live longer and have better psychological well-being.

It helps raise tomorrow's leaders!

We mentor young people and inspire them. With your help we can keep their dreams alive.

It is great for the community!

We inspire the vulnerable in the community and give them hope, with your help the crime rate could drop and they find meaning in life.

It builds character!

Helping others tends to build your own character and in a world where character is something to be desired, you will be on top!

DJ Covenant

Let's all join hands together in serving the lord through this great vision

Ben Githae

This is a very noble initiative and I'm proud to be part of it.

Pepea East Africa

We are in good support of this noble work. Let's all join hands and change lives

His Exellency Peter Ndambiri

Let's all join hands together in serving the lord through this great vision

Helping the homeless, hungry, and hurting community or persons